• General Jokes - "Healthy Diet by Counting Calories Total"

    Roy was a big fan of the Dina. One night Roy dared to invite Dina to dinner to celebrate the receipt of Roy worked at the new place. Roy waited to record what should be ordered, Dina has not been able to determine the menu that pleases. Instead she was busy matching the menu with a diet book that is never separated from her little bag.
    "Today I have to eat food that is not more than 300 calories," says Dina. "If I was half-cooked egg message, it means 77 calories. Then a piece of bread, 63 calories, and pickles, 42 calories. And then ..."
    "Waiter!" call Roy.
    "Yeah! What are you booking?"
    "Two glasses of white water, and that's it ...!"


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