• Just A Joke - "Adult Jokes - First Night"

    Ketty a flower and she is the widow of former prisoners who want a family again. When the wedding day approached, she looked confused and nervous. Then he came to a physician psychiatrist.

    "Doctor, I have not married because life in prison. Now I will marry again. But I'm nervous and confused. We suggest what should I do in my first night in the bridal suite, Doctor?"
    "Do it like when you enter the bridal chamber with your husband first."
    "Doctors believe that a good thing?"
    "I think, yes"

    The day after the wedding night Ketty woman's ex-prisoner, the doctor was surprised to read in the newspaper about a murder committed by a bride to the groom on the first night the couple entered the bridal chamber. Woman who killed husband is a former female prisoner Ketty itself.The doctor was curious and meet Ketty, Women prisoners in the jail.
    "Why did you kill your husband?"
    "I followed your advice, Doctor. Because once when I became a bride, after entering my room I killed my husband, so I go to jail."
    'Cheese! Next time do not ask my advice on, huh? " the doctor said with regret.

  • Just A Jokes - "Computer Analysis of the Advanced Health"

    One day Jhon sick to complain Chez. Jhon said that if his elbow pain. Chez advised to go to the doctor's existing computer at the drugstore. Computer doctor can diagnose the disease faster and cheaper than a doctor of ordinary doctors. 

    "Simply enter the urine sample and the computer will diagnose your problem and tell you what you should do. It costs only USD. 5, - anyway."
    Joko think it's worth a try, so he filled a small bottle with his urine sample and went to the drugstore. See there is a computer, Joko poured his urine and enter USD. 5, -. 

    Direct Computer strange noises and flickering here and there. After appearing BEEP sound, come out a little paper which analyzes the results print Joko disease, it is written: "Diseases at the elbow because most of you play tennis. Rinse with warm water your elbow. Do not lift loads too heavy. Hopefully improved in two weeks."

    At night, Jkon who is still amazed by the sophistication of computer technology, doctors now think that the medical world really change the times.  then Jhon wondered if the computer can be tricked. Then, Jhon make a mixture of tap water in the house plus the urine from his dog, his wife and daughter. Then on top of it, Jhon increase sperm with masturbation. Then Jhon returned to the drugstore, look for a computer doctor, pour the mixture and add USD. 5, -.Computer strange noises and flashing, then remove the print-out:

    "Water is too cold tap in your house. Try to buy a water heater. Your dog has worms. Give him vitamins. Your son cocaine use. Put him into rehab. Your wife is pregnant again, baby twin girls. Not from a relationship with you. Find a lawyer. And if you do not stop masturbating, your elbow will not heal. "

  • Just A Joke - "If animals have a Facebook"

    If animals have a Facebook, what is its status? Here are a few that have been found. But they do not know what the real animal.
    Poodle Dog: wait to go to the salon
    Roaches: Recently saved from death, yeah!
    Cow: I am touched again by the master-rabbi
    Cats: My son is the 5th just ask who the father. I'm confused what to answer. My own father forgot whom?
    Mosquitoes: I am positive for HIV-AIDS boooo
    Chicken: My friends ... if i no update tomorrow ... I mean already in the frying ... i luv u all ...
    Squid: After the refill ink.
    Pig: I slandered spreading the flu. Damn!
    Goat: Happy Idul Fitri not slaughtered pilgrims yesterday

  • General Jokes - "Healthy Diet by Counting Calories Total"

    Roy was a big fan of the Dina. One night Roy dared to invite Dina to dinner to celebrate the receipt of Roy worked at the new place. Roy waited to record what should be ordered, Dina has not been able to determine the menu that pleases. Instead she was busy matching the menu with a diet book that is never separated from her little bag.
    "Today I have to eat food that is not more than 300 calories," says Dina. "If I was half-cooked egg message, it means 77 calories. Then a piece of bread, 63 calories, and pickles, 42 calories. And then ..."
    "Waiter!" call Roy.
    "Yeah! What are you booking?"
    "Two glasses of white water, and that's it ...!"

  • General Jokes - "Arguing with Women"

    Some time in the morning, the husband returned after several hours to go fishing, and he decided to take a break to sleep first.
    Although not familiar with the situation and condition of the state of the lake, the wife decided to go by boat her husband, then she went to the middle of the lake, stopped, and threw the anchor of the boat, then read the books that she had brought up earlier. 

    A few moments later, came the officers guard the lake, then a boat docked at the officer's wife said, and said: "Good morning, mother, What are you doing mom?
    "Reading the book", he replied, thinking ("not very clear?")"Mother was in the area prohibited for fishing", the officer told him that.

    "Oh, sorry sir, but I was reading a book, not fishing."
    "Yes, but my mother had brought supplies for up to fishing, so I can at any time fishing. I had to bring mom to the office and provide a letter violation.
    "Letter violations only to read the book ??!!" answered the wife.
    "mother was in the area prohibited for fishing," replied the officer.

    "Sorry sir, but I was reading a book, not fishing ..."
    "Yes, but Mother had brought supplies for extensive fishing, so I can at any time fishing. I had to bring mom to the office and provide a letter violation."
    "If so, I will sue you with sexual harassment", replied the wife.
    "Haah, but I have not touched the mother," replied the officer.
    "Yes, but you have to bring the equipment complete, so you can do it anytime."
    "Congratulations to read the book Mom ...," then the officer is gone.


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