• Just A Joke - "If animals have a Facebook"

    If animals have a Facebook, what is its status? Here are a few that have been found. But they do not know what the real animal.
    Poodle Dog: wait to go to the salon
    Roaches: Recently saved from death, yeah!
    Cow: I am touched again by the master-rabbi
    Cats: My son is the 5th just ask who the father. I'm confused what to answer. My own father forgot whom?
    Mosquitoes: I am positive for HIV-AIDS boooo
    Chicken: My friends ... if i no update tomorrow ... I mean already in the frying ... i luv u all ...
    Squid: After the refill ink.
    Pig: I slandered spreading the flu. Damn!
    Goat: Happy Idul Fitri not slaughtered pilgrims yesterday


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