• Adult Jokes - "Old versus young wife"

    Mrs Heni past year cranky. This is because her husband married again and the days of her husband always spent at home his young wife. Mrs Heni deliberately did not ask for a divorce because she is optimistic that her husband would be able to recover from the clutches of his young wife. Various efforts have been undertaken Mrs Heni to regain the lost pearl. His efforts include the hiring of spies to gather as much information as possible about her husband's life with his young wife, including information on their bed secret: why the husband till sticky well with the young wife.
    Have accurate, the spy who managed to get very accurate information about why the husband Nonya Heni, so stay on the young wife's bedroom. Apparently, in a ritual whenever a biological relationship, the young wife always start with the games they used to call the American Breakfast. Concretely, the young wife innocently provide the body like a piece of bread and on her bedside table is available on various types of jam (no butter pineapple, Sugar-apple jam, strawberry jam) and also messes brown. Subsequently, the husband stayed to enjoy the "sandwich" with a choice of flavor according to taste that day.
    "Please my hero you want breakfast of bread with a sense of what, just select it," she cooed the young wife. If fitting the mood to taste the pineapple, the husband would spread jam on top of pineapple "bread" and ate it all out. On another day, the husband wanted to "bread" with butter Sugar-apple-studded messes, and so on.
    Hearing the reports of spies earlier, Mrs Heni did not want to lose the set. She realized she was not young anymore, but a sense of optimism to beat the awareness of age and body shape.Bought various kinds of jams and messes in supermarkets and ditatanya neatly in the bedroom.Schedule fit her husband returned to the nest longer, Mrs Heni was soon made herself.Disarmed all kinds of clothes, and he became a piece of "bread" in bed.
    As soon as her husband entered the room, Mrs. Henipun opened the show "Breakfast" by saying: "Please dear, do you want breakfast of bread with the model and what flavor, just choose to stay."
    "Well," replied the husband, "today I think I want it toasted bread alone!"


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