• Adult Jokes - "newly wed"

    A pair of newlyweds who are still innocent confusion to have sex on their first night.
    "Do you know what we should do," asked the wife.
    "Well, I do not understand darling" replied the husband. "But I have an idea, let's go over the bar a lot of sailors. Everyone knows that sailors expert in sex. Let us ask a sailor to teach us."
    they go to a bar and find a sailor who was willing to give "lessons". "All right, let into the room above to teach you what to do" replied the sailor with great pleasure. Inside the room, the sailor drew a circle on the floor, and said to the husband "You have to stand in a circle and can not get out no matter what happens."
    Long story short, the sailors do the husband's obligations towards his wife. Once completed, she found her husband was laughing alone in the circle.
    "Hey pal, why are you laughing?" asked the sailor.
    "I've been out of the circle two times, but you did not notice ..."


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