• Just A Joke - "Adult Jokes - First Night"

    Ketty a flower and she is the widow of former prisoners who want a family again. When the wedding day approached, she looked confused and nervous. Then he came to a physician psychiatrist.

    "Doctor, I have not married because life in prison. Now I will marry again. But I'm nervous and confused. We suggest what should I do in my first night in the bridal suite, Doctor?"
    "Do it like when you enter the bridal chamber with your husband first."
    "Doctors believe that a good thing?"
    "I think, yes"

    The day after the wedding night Ketty woman's ex-prisoner, the doctor was surprised to read in the newspaper about a murder committed by a bride to the groom on the first night the couple entered the bridal chamber. Woman who killed husband is a former female prisoner Ketty itself.The doctor was curious and meet Ketty, Women prisoners in the jail.
    "Why did you kill your husband?"
    "I followed your advice, Doctor. Because once when I became a bride, after entering my room I killed my husband, so I go to jail."
    'Cheese! Next time do not ask my advice on, huh? " the doctor said with regret.


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